Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Vaccinating your pet helps prevent them from catching deadly and highly contagious diseases. 

Why does your pet need a dental?

Just like humans, good dental hygene is critical to your pet's long term health.  Regular dental health checkups can identify other health problems.  Four out of five dogs over the age of three have some degree of periodontal disease.

Should I spay or neuter my pet?

By having your pet spayed or neutered, you can do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens and enhance your pet's health and quality of life.

Why should I have my pet micro chipped?

Pets can walk away or accidently get out.  A lost pet is tragic for the pet as well as for all of us.  Having your pet microchipped can facilitate a reunion should yours become lost.  

I need a health certificate for my pet?

If you're traveling with you pet between states or carrying them on your flight, you'll need a health certificate.